Bright Morn of Issareth

Bright Morn of Issareth
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Bright Morn of Issareth - A Wuxia web serial. Currently in 6 volumes. 1-5 are completed, 6th is ongoing.
Bright Morn of Issareth is a Calaryn, a race of males only. They live 200 years and die. If their human wife agrees, she absorbs his soul upon his death and then gives birth to him. They are a race of warriors, kings, and wanderers. They know nothing of their previous lives until their 30th year when they step into their memories and relive them for the first month. Morn is lost, with his 30th birthday approaching and no one to guide him except an ancient Calaryn called Old God.
Thus begin a series of adventures from underground cities to a book thousands of years old with a portrait of Bright Morn in it.

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MMBERRY | August 20, 2023
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