Inquisitor’s Promise

Inquisitor’s Promise
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Michael P. Marpaung
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Young Inquisitor Aeneas Aquilanus made two promises: one to his dying father, the other to his beloved Galatea.

To his father, Aeneas promised to finish his last mission to unify the Holy League and rally them against the apocalyptic threat of the Grey Globe. To Galatea, he promised the aspiring lady knight to become her lord and Inquisitor.

But politics in the 74th century can be violent and complicated. The Five Factions of the Holy League had long seen each other with suspicion. Can they put aside their differences to save Earth?

Even his promise to Galatea is not without problems for Aeneas as he has four additional girls who are in love with him. Each of these five girls are faction princesses, women who have close connections to each of the Five Faction’s leaders.

Love and politics are an explosive combination, but the Inquisitor shall remain true to his pledged word.

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