The Magician & The Bard

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S. Jean
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All Vahn’s ever known was the Floating World where magic is pliant and easy to control for magicians like him. To prove his worth, he’s been sent to the World Below where wild magic roams free to learn as much as he can. Learn enough and he could one day become a High Magician.

All Hawke’s ever known was being on his own and traveling the world in any way he saw fit. The only constant in his life is his lute and his honeyed voice which gets him out of trouble. When not strumming songs for coin, he follows where the wind beckons him and stays on the move.

When the two accidentally help one another escape turmoil, the only choice is to travel together to keep out of further trouble. Of course, with a magician oblivious to the world and a bard who likes to stay on the move, how much more trouble can they find?

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