Vigilance, by Daniel Baldwin
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Daniel Baldwin
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VIGILANCE follows the Office for the Cataloguing of Unusual Occurrences as they combat the forces of fascism across the globe. Officials can be found smashing spies in the mean streets and back alleys of the United States, battling mutated war beasts on the front lines in Europe, and dog-fighting assassins and pirates above the Pacific. Look out for titles like 'The Secret Files of Lucky Ford' for war-time action, 'The Billy Club Bastard Case Files' for noir thrillers, 'Hercules Chen: Zero Hunter' for high-flying adventures, and more.

If you want pulp action without the misogyny and racism, action heroes who aren't right-wing nuts, and science fiction that is down to earth, VIGILANCE is your new destination. For fans of Indiana Jones, Atomic Robo, Hellboy, and Inglourious Basterds.

Welcome to the premier free antifascist dieselpunk action, horror, and noir adventures you've always wanted.

New releases every week, with over three novels worth of content available as of August, 2023!

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