The Web Fiction Directory is Open for Submissions

Web Fiction Directory is a community and directory for webserial writers and readers, maintained by speculative fiction writer, Tonya R. Moore.

Webserial authors are welcome to submit their serialized stories to the Web Fiction Directory permanently at no cost. Authors who wish to have their webserials Featured can select the $9.99 monthly “Featured” option. Featured listings and their associated fees/charges automatically renew every 30 days.

Readers can log in to Rate and Review their favorite listings.

The Web Fiction Directory includes a community/social network where authors can promote their webserials and engage with readers. Authors are encouraged to post links to new chapters/episodes, short excerpts, and story art, and other appealing tidbits. Readers are encouraged to recommend their favorite webserials (even ones not listed in the Web Fiction Directory) and webserial authors and post other related content, including fanart, etc.

Planned Events & Activites

Plans are in the works for exciting activities and events including monthly Readers Favorite polls, prize-winning contests, virtual co-writing sessions for webserial writers, and Twitch livestreams where we will read excerpts of and recommend our favorite webserials and showcase webserial authors.

Your Support is Needed and Appreciated

We’re a fledgling community but we would like to be of service to the werbserial writer and reader community for many years to come. Please consider Becoming a Patron to help us offset the costs of website maintenance and community expansion.

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