Webserial Submission Guide


  1. Read and make sure you understand and agree with the Community Guidelines.
  2. Register to become a member of the Web Fiction Directory Community.
  3. Click the Add Webserial Link
  4. Select your webserial’s primary (main) Genre (listing category) from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select “Featured Webserial” or “Free Listing”
  6. Follow the prompts and complete each form field with the required details
  7. Upload a 150px (width) x 225px (height) cover image (dimensions must be exactly 150×225 px)
  8. Check the Captcha box to indicate you are not a bot
  9. Click “Complete Webserial” to Submit your Listing.


Everyone can submit webserials to the Web Fiction Directory permanently for FREE (at no cost).

If you wish to have your webserial Featured in the Directory, you must choose the option to subscribe for $9.99 monthly. Your Featured listing is renewed every 30 days and the automatic monthly charge also recurrs every 30 days.